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Development path
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From the company since its establishment 16 years, can be divided into three stages of development
Business process(2000~2009)
  • By the end of 2000 the company set up

    Registered capital of 5 million, 10 employees, MGA product development

  • 2001

    "MGA2000 Transformer Chromatography Online Monitoring System & quot; Acquired National SME Innovation Fund Project Funding

  • 2004

    "MDS4000 substation integrated status monitoring and evaluation system "and access to the Ministry of Information Industry Electronic Information Industry Development Fund project funding

  • 2008

    "IMM2000 capacitive equipment insulation on-line monitoring system "included in the national Torch Program projects

  • December 2009 the company listed

    8 years, to the original shareholders to 1200 times the return

Development falls (2010 ~ 2013)
  • 2010

    The acquisition of Hangzhou Thunderbird Computer Software Co., Ltd., to achieve full coverage of power transmission equipment monitoring

  • 2011

    PDM2000G partial discharge on-line monitoring system for the first time successfully applied to 1000kV UHV voltage level

  • 2012

    "MDD3000T Transformer Intelligent On-Line Monitoring System & quot; Awarded & quot; 2012 Power Industry Innovation Product Award"

  • 2013

    ICAC4000 Status Information Access Controller System Platform Project Completed.
    In 2013, the company achieved net profit of 133 million, per capita profits of 500,000 yuan!

The road to transition (2014 ~ present)
  • 2013

    The company achieved the highest performance, but taking into account the domestic economic trends, to develop new directions

  • 2014

    With the Chinese economy down, the company operating performance decline, net profit from 13 years to 130 million down to 14 years of 61.56 million yuan.

  • 2015

    From equipment manufacturers to data providers, from system integration and sales to operations and services, from the energy sector to expand into the field of the environment.

  • 2016

    The net profit in the first half of 2016 compared with the same period last year, performance increased by 9.4 times