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Trillion soil repair industry competition pattern has become

Soil repair industry will be "thirteen five" during the development of the largest environmental sub-sectors, the market space of up to 4.6 trillion yuan. At present, China's soil remediation industry has formed a stable competitive landscape, to scie...

Xia Baolong: resolutely win the water and tackling solid war

Provincial "five common governance" working group of the third meeting and the provincial party committee and the provincial government of Zhejiang Construction Leading Group held the first meeting on the 24th afternoon....

National comprehensive review of water environment will be h

In the national water environment comprehensive renovation site, the Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining on Zhejiang five water administration given a high evaluation, and that there are five points worthy of summary....

Flood ruthless, blue and love - Science and Technology Deput

In recent days, most parts of Hunan floods, flood control situation emergency, Xiangjiang River water level Xiangtan is also high, the city cadres at all levels of continuous fighting in the flood fighting line. To thank the front line flood control c...

Beilun District Vice Mayor Pan Qunwei and his entourage visi

May 25, 2017 afternoon, Beilun District, Ningbo City, deputy head of Pan Qunwei, Beilun District Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Lin Liangkuan and his entourage visited the Science and Engineering Corner investigation, science and engi...

National Development and Reform Commission, deputy director

On the morning of May 26, 2017, Fei Hongping, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Wang Jenjie, director of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, and Li Jinsong, deputy director of the Xiangtan Municipal Deve...

Shangyanghuan Branch to build Taizhou City, the global water

As the country's first municipal water quality monitoring network, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Shangyang Oriental Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Taizhou City, the construction of the global water quali...

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