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Xia Baolong: resolutely win the water and tackling solid war


        Provincial "five common governance" working group of the third meeting and the provincial party committee and the provincial government of Zhejiang Construction Leading Group held the first meeting on the 24th afternoon.

        The provincial party committee secretary, leading group leader Xia Baolong stressed at the meeting, we have to fully implement the established deployment, and firmly fight the transformation and upgrading series combination boxing, and resolutely win the battle of water, consolidate war, protracted war, focus on filling the ecological environment, And strive to open up the "two mountains" practice a new realm.

This afternoon, Xia Baolong secretary in the province "five common governance" work leading group meeting speech
       Li Qiang speech, Wang Huizhong, Chen Jinbiao, Cheng Weishan, Xiong Jianping, Huang Xu Ming, Chen Jia Yuan, Wang Jian Man attended. At the meeting, the provincial water office, the provincial Environmental Protection Office, the provincial Development and Reform Commission responsible person made a report, the leaders reviewed the relevant documents.

        Xia Baolong pointed out that this year is the "five water co-governance" "three years to solve the outstanding problems, significant results," the winning year, is also "811" beautiful construction of Zhejiang launched the year to do this work is essential. To be effective in thinking to be in place, strict law enforcement to be in place, long-term management to be in place, the responsibility to implement in place, work methods to be in place, all the people to participate in place, the real "five common governance" and beautiful construction work in Zhejiang implement.

         Xia Baolong stressed that the cadres at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres should solve their ideological problems from the root, establish the five development concepts from the bottom of their hearts, and deeply understand the arduousness, complexity, hardness and repetition of environmental governance. To join the "five water co-governance" and the beautiful construction of Zhejiang practice, accounting for long-term account, can not be lost due to small, quick success, drying results to dry short board, can not blindly optimistic, complacent, perseverance, , Let it repeated. To effectively use the rule of law weapons, means, ways and thinking, pull the benchmark, find short board, strengthen inspection, timely detection, iron enforcement, civilized law enforcement, standardize the law enforcement, and truly become the most stringent environmental law enforcement benchmark. To establish a spirit with Sword, dare to fight tough battle, to win the battle of the contingent of cadres, strict requirements, strengthen management, from the source of the tube, scientific management, fine tube, systematic management, heavy pressure to suppress the excess capacity, solid Carry out small town comprehensive management action. To dare to play, good to play, to be responsible, good responsibility, the implementation of accountability, layers of conduction pressure to form a chain of responsibility, continue to follow the supervision to promote the implementation of responsibility, with good assessment of the baton to strengthen the responsibility to play. To adhere to the "block" and "sparse" combination of combat and education combined, rigid and flexible combination, to find useful use of hard trick trick, to enhance the ability to do the work of the masses, an effective solution to the problem. The government should strictly enforce the environmental laws and emission standards, the masses to be the promoters of the participants, the news media to strengthen the guidance of public opinion, the formation of a good participation of all the people involved in the people's congress, pattern.

        Li Qiang pointed out that the "five water co-governance" is the province of transformation and upgrading of the key combination of boxing in the key punch, must be long-term adherence, without lax, in two vertical and horizontal deepening, to ensure continuous new results. Vertical to along the eradication of the garbage river, black and black river, bad V water, V class water and class IV water path, continue to move forward; horizontal to "five common governance" to promote water treatment, governance town , The rule of the mountain to promote the comprehensive. Deepen the "five water common governance", the construction of "beautiful Zhejiang" must improve the mechanism, so that long-term, "river system" and other systems to deepen. To speed up the establishment of a sound "green water is the Jinshan Yinshan" system mechanism, summed up the promotion of Kaihua, Chunan reform pilot policy initiatives to support Quzhou, Lishui global construction ecological function area, improve the ecological reward and punishment system.