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Trillion soil repair industry competition pattern has become


        Soil repair industry will be "thirteen five" during the development of the largest environmental sub-sectors, the market space of up to 4.6 trillion yuan. At present, China's soil remediation industry has formed a stable competitive landscape, to science and engineering as the representative of the company, the annual repair orders volume, technical system tends to improve, take single ability, ranking first echelon.
        With the "soil ten" continued landing, the soil repair this emerging industry is expected to become the following air pollution, water pollution control, another full of great potential of the market. In fact, there are already many capital and enterprises have to enter the industry to find development opportunities.

        Prior to a national soil survey report pointed out that China's overall environmental conditions are not optimistic, nearly one-fifth of cultivated land pollution, some areas of heavy soil pollution, the national soil pollution exceeded the rate of 16.1%.

        Resources from the Ministry of Land and Land to provide data show that China's soil pollution remediation industry output value, and environmental protection industry is still less than 1% of the total output value.

Organizations have predicted that the market up to 10 trillion

        The market generally believes that due to the lagging development of laws and regulations, the soil repair industry has been the existence of the powers and responsibilities are unknown, lack of funds, profit model is not clear and other issues that lead to soil repair market space can not be released an important reason.

        "Twelve Five" period, China's soil repair work by the government-led, market space maintained at 5 billion yuan each year. By the "soil ten" and other policies, the scale of soil remediation industry is increasing year by year, the scale of industry in 2015 only 3 billion yuan, 2016 to 9 billion yuan, is expected to 2017 industrial scale is expected to reach 24 billion yuan.

        According to the Prospects Industry Research Institute published "2017-2022 China's urban environmental protection industry market prospecting and investment strategic planning analysis report" estimates, China's industrial pollution sites about 160 million mu, the market space is about 1 trillion; to be cultivated land pollution An area of 392 million mu, the market space is about 8.84 trillion; to be restored mining area of about 294 million mu, the market space of about 277 billion yuan; therefore, China's soil repair market theory of the total market capacity of about 10,127.9 billion yuan.

        According to the "China Soil Restoration Industry Market Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" data show that the soil repair industry will be "thirteen five" during the development of the largest environmental sub-sectors, the market space up to 4.6 trillion yuan. And the long-term requirements of environmental management, soil remediation industry is expected to maintain a long time high boom, the future market size will be further expanded.

        Societe Generale Securities is expected during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the scale of China's cultivated land restoration market is about 396 billion yuan, the scale of urban site repair is about 760 billion yuan (regardless of the sewage irrigation area), oil and gas management scale of about 170 billion yuan , Total 1.33 trillion yuan.

Supply gap open, to be strong into the Council

        The development of environmental protection industry depends on the policy support and promotion. In the history of environmental protection in China, the problem of soil pollution is in fact related to water pollution and air pollution. However, due to the lack of attention, the soil management industry has started And the current maturity far behind the water, the atmosphere, solid waste treatment industry.

        However, the "13th Five-Year" period, the average annual investment in soil remediation industry amounted to 500 billion yuan, which means that the inflection point of the soil repair market has come. The industry estimates that the soil repair market will be far more than the air pollution control and sewage treatment market.

        However, there is a large supply gap in the field of soil pollution control services. But standing on the perspective of business and investors, which is a pioneering business market layout of the great opportunity.

        Moreover, in recent years, soil repair project turnover gradually increased, in 2015 China's soil restoration project is more than 100, the total contract reached 2.218 billion yuan. From the actual situation, this order for the huge amount of soil pollution area is really a drop in the ocean.

        At present, China's soil remediation industry has formed a stable competitive landscape:

        To science and engineering, high energy environment, Beijing Construction Industry environment as the representative of the enterprise repair orders volume, technical system tends to improve, take a single ability, belong to the first echelon;

        To Bosch Branch, Yongqing environmental protection as the representative of the enterprises in the province, has formed a more complete technical system, and gradually form a regional order to expand the capacity, located in the second echelon;

        To the real environment, Ueda environment as the representative of the regional non-listed enterprises mainly focus on the province, the order size is small, in the city and the surrounding area has a more prominent influence.

        To sum up, with the gradual overweight of governance and supervision, China's soil pollution deterioration will gradually ease, followed by the industry will also gradually release the dividend. While the market demand gradually expanded at the same time, industry prospects become increasingly clear.

        With the maturity of the relevant sub-industry chain format, can be innovative in the business model, to integrate the whole industry chain enterprises will achieve in the future winners take-all.

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