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Beilun District Vice Mayor Pan Qunwei and his entourage visi

        May 25, 2017 afternoon, Beilun District, Ningbo City, deputy head of Pan Qunwei, Beilun District Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Lin Liangkuan and his entourage visited the Science and Engineering Corner investigation, science and engineering chairman Mr. Zhou Fangjie warm reception, the leadership of the visit was warm Welcome.
        Jiedong first introduced the development process of science and engineering, the strength of enterprises and the strategic planning of the enterprise, and gave a detailed account of the company's innovative business model in Taizhou and Shaoxing's new water quality monitoring station project - "Government data Procurement model ".
       Subsequently, Vice Mayor Pan visited the Center for Science and Technology Remote Monitoring Center, Zhou Dong to the leadership of the company's data management platform and large data based on the intelligent operation and maintenance platform for the practical application of the situation, and by the technical staff on-site detailed The presentation.

        Pan Vice Mayor and his entourage visited the Institute of Science and Technology to develop their own miniature water quality automatic monitoring stations, and a detailed understanding of the micro-water station features and characteristics.

       In the survey, Vice Mayor Pan spoke highly of the achievements made by the Science and Technology in the environmental field, and fully affirmed the "government data procurement model" created by the Science and Technology. Pan Deputy Mayor pointed out that in the current state to intensify efforts to control the environment in the background, science and technology ring transformation environment in the field, conform to the national environmental strategy, greatly fit the current development trend of environmental protection areas, the future prospects. Pan deputy mayor said that science and technology is a pioneer in the field of environmental monitoring, through the inspection confirmed the Science and Technology in science and technology innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading, business model, and so are walking in the forefront of the industry.