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Flood ruthless, blue and love - Science and Technology Deput

     In recent days, most parts of Hunan floods, flood control situation emergency, Xiangjiang River water level Xiangtan is also high, the city cadres at all levels of continuous fighting in the flood fighting line. To thank the front line flood control cadres and the hard work of the masses, July 4 at 10 o'clock in the morning, science and technology deputy general manager of Mr. Wu Weiguo rate of Hunan blue part of the leadership staff to Yuetang District flood control headquarters, Yangtian Lake Xiangjiang levee, Visit the condolences to fight on the embankment on the flood control and rescue personnel, and on behalf of the company presented a clean drinking water, food, heat and mosquito repellent drugs and other materials, for the flood rescue line of heroes slightly better Mianbozhili.

The picture shows Mr. Wu Weiguo and Yue Tong District Deputy Secretary, Mayor Chen Aimin handover donations


        One side is difficult, P Plus support. In the face of natural disasters, but also need the community generous help, lend a helping hand, in the face of floods grim situation, each business should play their own social responsibility.
  Since the establishment of science and engineering, not only for the community to create value, but also has been actively involved in public welfare undertakings, social responsibility, the concept of corporate citizens extended to education, environmental protection and many other areas, won the affirmation.
   Hunan Hunan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan Science and Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading enterprise of environmental management in Hunan Province. The project is provided with clean drinking water, food, The heroes of the first line of the storm are doing a little less.

   Faced with floods, solidarity is the most solid line of defense. Science and Technology Branch once again called on the community, to help out, a total of floods!