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Academician workstation
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        September 24, 2016, Ningbo Science and Technology Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and John Charles Crittenden academician team to jointly build "Ningbo Science and Technology Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd. academician workstation", the official award was established.

         In cooperation with John Charles Crittenden, the project is to develop an air quality prediction and early warning system with high temporal resolution. Through the automatic monitoring of air quality and meteorological data, combined with 3D geographic information data, the spatial and temporal distribution and transmission of air pollutants Law; combined with small-scale regional air quality model simulation to determine the key pollutants monitoring system and layout. The project aims to gain a better understanding of the impact factors of regional air quality, which will play an important role in controlling pollution and improving air quality, so it has obvious social and economic benefits.

         John Charles Crittenden is a Fellow of the American Academy of Engineering and a Foreign Institution of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is also the Director of the Institute of Sustainable Development Systems at Brookfield, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Hightower Chair Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The international environmental science field of the most famous magazine "environmental science and technology" associate editor, the United States National Environmental Protection Bureau expert committee members. In 2008, it was one of the top 100 most outstanding chemical engineers in the world by its American Chemical Engineers Association for its outstanding achievements in environmental engineering and chemical engineering.
Our academician's John Charles Crittenden is recognized by the Chairperson