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        Company in January 2003 established the "Ningbo Science and Technology Monitoring and Diagnosis Engineering Technology Center", that year was included in the Ningbo City, technological innovation system construction projects, in 2006 was included in the Ningbo City Center of outstanding engineering and technology, in 2007 by Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Agency awarded the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center, is the current domestic high-voltage power equipment on-line monitoring industry has only identified by the provincial engineering and technology center of the enterprise.

         The goal of the company's engineering and technology center is to build a domestic first-class and internationally renowned national engineering technology center in the field of online monitoring. It has become a research base for the research of power state monitoring technology integrating research, development, experiment and industrialization. Platform for the company to provide sustainable development of the source. 
         The main task of the company's engineering technology center is to cultivate a professional and technical team with high academic level, strong research and development ability, strong transformation ability and strong market consciousness. The research on the basic, common technology and engineering key technology of online monitoring technology And the development; continue to have a significant application prospects of scientific research results of systematic, integrated and industrialization, has introduced high-tech products, the company continued to develop and improve product quality and core competitiveness of technical support; give full play to the center in the technology Innovation, achievement transformation, technology integration and radiation, and comprehensively enhance the level of on-line monitoring technology and equipment in China. 
         (3)R & D direction 
         The company has developed the main research direction and research content of the engineering technology center for the major safety and technical problems in the development of the online monitoring and diagnosis technology of power high voltage equipment and the current power system operation.
  Online monitoring technology
  Fault diagnosis technology
  Remote diagnosis technology
  Optical detection technology
  Other electrical equipment monitoring technology
        (4)Subordinate laboratories

Electronic application technology development room

(1) state monitoring technology development laboratory 
The main task is to study the state of power equipment monitoring technology, and for such technology to other industries to promote the technical reserves; at the same time to study the standardization of state monitoring issues, develop and improve enterprise standards, responsible for the standardization of institutions within the industry and technical exchanges.

Electronic application technology development room

(2) Fault diagnosis laboratory 
The main task is to study the power equipment fault diagnosis technology, remote monitoring center for remote fault diagnosis to provide the core technology.


(3)Electronic application technology development room 
The main task is to study the application of electronic technology, control technology, high-speed data acquisition and processing technology, for a variety of monitoring system development foreground collection device.

Software Technology Development Room

(4)Software Technology Development Room 
The main task is to develop the application software of the online monitoring system, the monitoring software of the remote monitoring center, the image processing software of the optical detection system and so on, and carry out the research of the spectrum processing algorithm, the partial discharge identification and positioning algorithm and the software of the fault diagnosis platform the study.

Light detection technology development room

(5)Light detection technology development room 
The main task is to study the modern optical detection technology and instrument integration, automation, intelligent as the goal of optical detection technology and optical computer integrated computer technology.

Chromatography laboratory

(6)Chromatography laboratory 
The main task is to study the key technology to improve the accuracy of the on-line chromatographic device and to detect the gas range, and to solve the limitation problem in the online application of chromatographic technology. And in the production test link for the transformer chromatographic on-line monitoring products for offline data comparison experiments.

Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory

(7)Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory 
Mainly responsible for ensuring that the electromagnetic compatibility of new products meet the standard requirements, the smooth entry into the market an important responsibility; products in the design is completed, to ensure that the replacement of production components meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, and will not reduce the overall electromagnetic compatibility Responsibilities, the mechanical properties of the machine can affect the key components have to undergo electromagnetic compatibility laboratory testing and approval can be used in production.

Environmental laboratory

(8)Environmental laboratory 
The main task is to study the impact of different environmental conditions on the operation of on-line monitoring equipment, to study environmental adaptation technology to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment operation.