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Remote monitoring
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        High-voltage power equipment on-line monitoring remote monitoring center is "MGA2000-type transformer online monitoring system" as the core of the integrated diagnostic platform. The remote monitoring center for the needs of customers using on-site monitoring equipment managed by the mode of operation, to provide users with long-term remote monitoring and diagnostic services. The system uses WEB-based access, the system authorized users, at any time through the Internet network anywhere in the country to log on the specific equipment to see the operation of the equipment, the original spectrum data and historical trends.

        The remote monitoring center mainly by the site monitoring equipment, remote warning service centers, expert committees and other major equipment and departments.
        Site monitoring equipment to complete the on-line monitoring of transformer status information, through the Internet or wireless way to real-time data transmission to the Ningbo Science and Technology Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd. in the remote monitoring center;
        The center mainly includes the Web server, data server, video server, fault diagnosis server and other equipment, equipped with the operation of the remote equipment to monitor and maintain the design monitoring capacity of 10,000 on-line monitoring equipment. Mainly perform the following functions:
And on-site online monitoring equipment to interact, real-time remote monitoring data received
Expert system software with artificial intelligence, can be based on chromatographic data and other online monitoring of the state of the transformer and other high-voltage equipment for remote fault diagnosis.
To achieve remote data provisioning services, authorized users can remotely log on to the Web server to download real-time device monitoring data.
Providing remote software upgrades and maintenance functions for on-site online monitoring equipment.

        The center intends to work with the industry in the transformer on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis of the authority of the well-known experts to establish long-term contact, the composition of the Committee of Experts, through the form of network meetings on the difficult monitoring data in-depth analysis of customer transformers and other equipment, the actual situation, The diagnosis and the solution.
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